In Quinta do Arneiro we produce certified biological products. Back to Farm of Quinta do Arneiro was born to take to our customers our production, without intermediate, allowing a closer relation between the customer and the farm. Our intention is to create a supported project based on truth and simplicity. We believe a true feeding without additive or pesticides. We find that vegetables and fruit must be the base of our meals. Opting by receiving our products in house it goes to feel the benefits of being “obliged” to eat with quality. Our customers are the main personages of this project therefore have a so important role, without them there is no story to tell. Knowing that our success depends on its satisfaction, we decide to pass to customers the choice of the products that goes to their weekly basket. We want them to remember us with affability when one sits to the table to enjoy a great meal. ………………..

We ask you to read with attention and send us an email confirming your order and saying that you agree on the adhesion conditions. Thank you.

{ The Customer }
To request

  • Just send an email for with your home delivery address, billing address if different, mobile or home telephone number, and NIF (fiscal identification). It is also necessary that you indicate an alternative of delivery in the case not to be nobody in house.

The order There are 3 types of baskets:
1 ) choosen basket ( selected weekly by the customer )

  • The customer chooses the products on the basis of a list that is sent to it weekly by email. For its easiness it can also confirm its order for sms or telephone.
  • The basket hás a minimum value of 20 euros.

2 ) Essential basket ( when the customer do not confirm the order in time )

  • If we not receive the order: until the 9:00 am  on Monday for the customers of Tuesday and Wednesday
  • OR until 9:00 am on Wednesday for customers of Thursday and Friday we send the essential basket of the week.

The essential basket is thought to make 2 soups, 2 saladas, vegetables for accompaniment and fruit for the week, for a family of 3/4 people.

3  )the Farm basket (our special weekly selection )

  • it is composed for a selection of products chosen by us to offer the better we have each week to our customers. This choice has as base products of the time, in majority produced by Quinta do Arneiro. The content of the essencial products with fixes price weekly goes modifying and is announced in the weekly newsletter. This farm basket  has products in the value of 25 euros.
  • To receive this basket of products you just have to send us an email, sms or call to confirme your order for the farm basket.

If you do not want to receive the basket on a specifid week

  • If on a specific week you do not want to receive the basket of your selection, just send us na email or SMS, until  9:00 am  on Monday for the customers of Tuesday and Wednesday OR until 9:00 am on Wednesday for customers of Thursday and Friday.

How to pay

  • Payment is done every two weeks by direct debit. The invoice is sent together with the weekly basket every two weeks. To allow direct debit, the customer has to fulfill the direct debit authorization that he receives at the start, and return it on the weekly box exchange once, and it will work as long as he stays as active customer.
  • “it is important to relate that all the customers debited through this system attend the cancellation right. This right allows the debited customer to after instruct to its Bank the cancellation (devolution/reversal) of the direct debit up to 8 weeks – 47 days TARGET the date of liquidation of the debit. I point out that customer to command this devolution to it, does not have that to give any justification to its Bank nor to the deserving entity, she only has that to command the cancellation of the debit that immediately will be taken care of by its Bank” this text be-in the envoy for our bank (Barclays), our order to clarify some doubts that it can appear
  • While direct debit is not active, normally the first Month, the payment is done by bank transfer up to 8th of the following Month after receiving the summary invoice by email, with all the indications..


  • With the first order 4 boxes will be charged to the customer (total cost of 8 euros) that they go being used to change every week. Whenever needed an extra box plus 2 euros for box are debited.
  • So that they are not necessary more boxes are important that the customer does not forget to make the exchange of the boxes weekly.

Benefits  our customers from Back to Farm have special conditions and discounts in all the activities promoted and carried through Quinta do Arneiro. These conditions and discounts are announced case by case.

A Quinta do Arneiro
Our commitment:

  • supply Certified Biological products. They can have very rare exceptions to this principle that always will be underlined.
  • to supply the biggest amount of possible products with origin in Quinta do Arneiro
  • offer external products of Quinta do Arneiro, offering to the customer products that are indispensable in the weekly essential products of the baskets that we do not produce.
  • to indicate thenorigin of all the products that are not cultivated in Quinta do Arneiro.  Always give preference to national products.
  • to receive returns from all the products that do not have fond of the customer in good condition of conservation whenever the customer informs useful stated period.
  • to deliver to the products ordered for the customer, with the exception of stock rupture.


Where we deliver ?

On Tuesday we deliver in:

  • Mafra
  • Santa Cruz – Depósito
  • Cascais e Linha do Estoril até Caxias.

On Wednesday in:

  • Malveira
  • Lumiar
  • Alta de Lisboa
  • Telheiras
  • Benfica
  • Areeiro
  • Alameda
  • Do Campo Grande ao Príncipe Real
  • Av. da Liberdade
  • Estrela
  • Lapa
  • Campo de Ourique
  • Campolide

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